Monday, October 13, 2014


Oops we did it again.......

We tried to fit 4 generations (if you count Spanner) into a small cabin in the woods with an less than adequate kitchen and pull off full thanksgiving dinner......

And once again we did it........ thanks to a turkey butterflied on the BBQ and some creative juggling of items in the convection microwave........we had the usual too much food delicious as always!

On a stormy, blustery weekend when the weather seemed to change hour by hour we hunkered down and read, listened to music, made our mandatory stops in Hope including the "every book is $2" store and our beloved Blue Moose coffee shop, walked, someone fished (and took an unexpected swim), some napped, Lindsay won 3 free cruises by answering the phone, a certain puppy picked up huge shin whacking sticks in the forest, we drank wine and ate food (chocolate is a food!) and stared mindlessly into the crackling fire (or was that just me?)

And just so we are not confused between two nations having stat holidays on the same day - a primer on why we win (if there was ever a competition) having the better stat!  The better day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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