Thursday, October 23, 2014


I hate to spring something on you with no warning..... but I sort of sprung it on myself.....

I am suddenly on vacation.

Right now.

And for MORE than one day.

I knew I wasn't going to make it to the end of the year without more than a daycation here and there and next week turns out to be the only week I could possibly be away until Christmas so I drew a line through it in my diary and BOOM...... vay-cay-shun.

Then I realised  tomorrow is a Pro D day and my favourite children would be home all so I am taking an EXTRA day off (sort of) and so this Thursday night is the start of the longest break I have had from work since we went to South Africa!

And boy oh boy do I have some BIG plans.

1,  I am getting the Mazda oil changed on Monday (it likely needs way more work than that which will kill the budget so best to get that over with on Monday)

2.  I am going to defrost the freezer.  Like a boss.  I am going to chip away at the ice flow creeping over the top edge and beat it back to nothing.

3. And then I am going after rogue beets tucked in the back of my fridge plotting revenge on me....I am getting them and all the other science experiments in my fridge.

4. I am going to stay on hold with Rogers for as long as it takes to change our accounts from my name to Allan's....... I will tell them my marital bliss depends on it.  And it does. I will play bejeweled blitz while on hold.

5. I am going to prune the front that in the winter winds it does not sound like all the dead souls of Steveston are clawing at the front window.  As they do.

6. I am going to declutter and dejunk.....something....probably our bedroom...and the front hall closet.

7.  I am going to buy 2 pairs of shoes.  You think "Ah finally she is doing something fun" but No...this is as hard work as cleaning toilets and as fun.  Unless I take myself to the USA on my own for a morning.... that could be fun? Hmmm we might be on to something here....

8.  I am also finally going to buy a long mirror for this house so Lindsay and I don't have to stand on a chair in the dining room to have a clue how we look below the waist.

9.  I may cook.  I may bake.  I may order Take Out.

10.  I am going to help some dear colleagues for a few hours in a big week in their lives.... run errands, clean, whatever they need.....and bring them food.

11.  I am going to wander into Steveston with my phone/Camera and have a coffee.  And a pastry.

12.  I will make it to 3 Jazz classes.

13....... And I will work...... DON'T get mad..... I am in the middle of a big conference registration, I have a student I am supervising on practicum and I may have a few other minor things to attend to.

I am so looking forward to the time to be at home, the time to sort some things in the house that have been neglected, to have some hours alone, my music playing, puttering at my pace.......

Would I prefer to be going to Hawaii or OC or Edmonton..... well sure.....but this year has taught me to find contentment in the small things, to be grateful for what is right here.

And I am.

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