Thursday, October 2, 2014

Costco Daycation

I am not sure what it says about my life that a desperately needed food re-stock shopping trip to Costco for our strike emptied freezer turned into a vacation?

I think maybe it says I am desperate.

Or maybe its really genius?

Instead of making a mad dash to Costco in Bellingham and trying not to go mad while driving,
going mad in the border line ups, going mad actually Costco shopping (not to mention the parking lost madness), going mad having to walk by the Costco wine selection.....

Instead..... my Mom and I made it into a leisurely and lovely day.

I am going with genius!

We left at 8:30am.

5 minutes at the border.

Breakfast at our favourite spot.  For $6 on a weekday!

A delightful 45 minutes at Fred Meyer. I LOVE Fred Meyer - it's quirky to me.... I love looking
at interesting products we don't get north of the 49th.  I love buying tortilla chips made 5km from
my home for half what I can but them for at the local Safeway....

We hit the Mall and I made excellent use of the "golden half hour" so named by my spouse to indicate my absolute limit for being remotely interested in clothes shopping for myself.  I got a sweater, a top and a pair of  pants.  28 minutes.

And that was me done for the day.  For me.... that is.

I then happily shopped for others.  And was successful.  I caught Allan at recess and madly texted him photos of T-shirts..... phew... that made it easy!

So power shopping over we headed to Fairhaven through historic downtown Bellingham.

It was a beautiful sunny day and Fairhaven was looking great.

We found a cafe and had a lovely lunch with a quirky waitress serving us.

And then we wandered around, poking into a great toy store and enjoying the fresh air.

Soon it was time to head back to do the grocery shopping this trip was really about.  All that was left in our freezer was bagels and bacon and while some of us could use those ingredients well....we couldn't do so for long... so Trader Joes was the first stop.  Another leisurely stroll, list in hand, trying not to be tempted too much (we may finally have gotten that second paycheck but its pretty
small this time around).

Then we hit Costco on a very quiet afternoon....and were in and out in 30 minutes with rather less bargains than hoped for but enough meals to get us through until a real paycheck shows up!

A needed coffee and then we started up the very full Mazda and headed north and through the border and the tunnel in record time - home for dinner of Thai Takeout because that's how daycations should end.

I love the feeling of knowing the freezer is full.  David has the clothes needed for his trip. Lindsay bought the boots she wanted.... a few little treats for friends and colleagues.....

So great to have time with my one but us to please.... we pottered about, we chatted, we laughed (we should have taken a selfie) was lovely.

Already wondering what my next "daycation" could be.... any ideas?

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