Monday, October 27, 2014


And not filthy rich....... (thank you $1000 car repair).

my conclusion from this the supposed second day of my vacation ..... the first day and a half were actually swallowed up by a crisis at work...... is that I have the following choices

A.  Hire a full time cleaning service
B.  Stop wearing my contact lenses when at home
C.  Develop a higher tolerance for dust and cobwebs and the like.....

Just today, while working on my computer all morning I noticed the following "issues"

1. Several cobwebs inside my house which I vanquished with a broom.  No I wasn't riding the broom while vanquishing!

2.  The front window curtains were filthy..... I washed and rehung them.....oh the joy and light and smell of laundry detergent!

3.  Dusted and swept up window sill dust and a "Bugs Life" worth of little bugs behind curtains and sofas and furniture.

I then stupidly decided to make myself a cup of coffee.  I turned the espresso machine on and then, at that exact moment, I recalled from the recesses of my brain some article or other about how people leave water standing in these types of machines and all manner of bacteria grow.  EW!  I scrubbed that water cylinder......

Then I went to grind some coffee to find the coffee grinder was not working as it should.  So as one does I serviced it.....thankful to have remembered to unplug it first I took it apart carefully remembering where each part went and then I cleaned it.....lets just say there were likely years of coffee dust well attached to the grinding took some work but I cleaned and reassembled it and was hour later ready to make that cup of coffee......which tasted like Sunlight Ocean Blue dishwashing liquid...... lovely....

And while I was standing around in the kitchen the stove caught my eye.....and it was soon sparkling but oh my word how does it get so filthy!!!  Ai Ya!!!!

And so my first half day of vacation draws to a close ..... I also managed to walk the dog and prune the front yard both tasks I took on today as Tropical Depression Ana is bearing down on us and is going to do some damage if the weather predictors are to be believed.  So I thought outside tasks today and if the power truly does go off it will be a good start to my freezer defrosting efforts tomorrow.

Always thinking.....just not always cleaning apparently!

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