Friday, October 31, 2014


Here endeth the worst vacation of my life.

There was a bona fide crisis at work every single day this week.

I couldn't have written a script for a worse set of circumstances to arise in one week....THE one week I was "off".

I am taking a page from "Frozen" (which I have yet to watch) and repeating the mantra "let it Go, let it Go....... let it GO"

There will be other weeks, other breaks.... Christmas is only 50 some days away right?

I won't bore you with the litany of the last 2 days.... rather let me tell you about two little things that happened that lifted my flagging spirits.

I have come enjoy immensely the two online photog groups I participate in.

There is a group called "ClickinMoms" on Instagram of Moms (and a few Dads) from all over the world and there is a daily word you have to photograph.  They are mostly professional photogs with fancy gear but I shoot with only my iPhone and don't use any editing apps.

So it was fun when Tourism Richmond came asking for the third time to use a photo of mine......

The other group is called "OKDOTHIS" and is also a global community of photogs (thanks to GH for the intro!)......I have had several photos featured there but this week the featured an iphoneographer ..... and they also featured the "DO" I posted entitled "In the Still of the Night" which some people are having fun DOing.

In a week of hard stuff......  a couple of fun moments! The daily exercise of finding something to shoot that fits the themes is a great mental break and this week I had time to play a bit with light and composition instead of shooting on the fly or trolling my archives for a match!

I have turned off all the lights and opted out of trick or treating..... we have, it appears, moved beyond all that and tonight I don't miss it (although its not raining for the little people).......I am waiting for the clock to strike 9pm so I can curl up in bed with my angry birds for a bit before a hopefully peaceful night knowing the likelihood of being woken by a work crisis is greatly diminished given all centres are now closed!!!!

Croissants are gently rising and I will kick off my Saturday with a great workout followed by freshly baked croissant..........Bring it on!

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