Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Calm down...... it stands for Frozen, Falsely Frugal, Fridge and Freezer...... because I got those
off my vacay TO DO list today.

There is currently nothing expired in the fridge although by Nov 6th that will be a lie.

We have more mustard than whole German towns, a bizarre assortment of Asian sauces, we obviously have commitment issues when it comes to BBQ sauces and salad dressing, there are 5 tubs of cream cheese..... I almost googled "What the contents of your fridge day about you" but I was afraid.

Very afraid.

The freezer is also now a danger free zone.

Also a pancake free zone.

I guess every time we make pancakes I make the falsely frugal assumption that if we freeze the left over pancakes the children will pop them in the toaster in the morning and enjoy home made pancakes on a school morning.

This has obviously never happened.


I have also done well freezing my herb harvest in the summer which seemed not only frugal but.... sort of pioneering and environmentally friendly but there is nothing friendly about little baggies of black herb like substances littering the freezer... All neatly labelled and all.....will I be adding them to a stew or soup anytime soon.... NOPE!

I swear it IS thyme
I also found these two anomalous items IN the freezer - I think one is for fixing boats and the other is for? No idea?

So ashamedly I filled a couple of garbage bags and scrubbed the fridge and its freezer clean.....It looks lovely.

But the chest freezer remains unconquered!

However in the interests of accountability to my TO DO list I did sort out my Rogers account issues in under 4 games of Bejewelled Blitz!

Funny how when you say "It's ok, if you can't help me fix this I can just move over and start fresh with Telus" suddenly the solution I have tried to get for close to 6 years is suddenly resolved!

I also managed to have a phone call meting about the course I am co-teaching in Jan - March and read all the bio's of those folks running for elected office in the upcoming civic elections and get my list started for who to vote for.

Lindsay came home and made use of these frozen bananas and I sat of the couch and enjoyed a tea and a muffin while catching up with a good friend through text messages......

Ran a work errand, had a great Jazzercise workout and picked up a chair I "won" on biding wars!

This has certainly proved to be an unconventional vacation so far but it's had its moments and having these things off my list and off my mind is great!

I bet you just can't wait to hear about tomorrow eh?

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