Sunday, July 27, 2014

The week that was.....

Silence on my blog is usually not a good thing.

And it wasn't.

Last week my Board and I made the devastating decision to close one of our centres.  It sustained massive water damage in the Spring and since we were ordered out the property management company have done NO repairs.  Not one thing has been done.  And so our temporary relocation time has run out with no solution from our Landlord or the Property Manager.  The relocated space is too small and allocated to another program.......

4 staff displaced.  25 families given notice.

I delivered the news.

To everyone.

It sucked.

It sucked to say it.

It sucked to hear it.

It sucked to deal with all the fall out.

I cried many a tear late at night just to let it out .

When Allan put his arms around me one night and said "I got you"......I cried more...... but felt so reassured to have someone holding on to me as everything around me seemed in free fall.

Of course once I got through each step I got better perspective...... it was awful but it is recoverable.

We will go on.

Families and staff will cope.

But I am really hoping this week is better on all fronts!

Of course with all that my work/life balance has been WAY off.

But I have managed to find moments to connect with my kids and Allan, to throw a ball for Spanner, visit Lindsay at her job, to catch a sunset or two, have some good food (and ice cream), celebrate a friends birthday at the beach, do a little shopping, send David into the wilderness (I have no idea where he is....more on that tomorrow), have a great first date with a new friend, check pulled pork pancakes off my TO DO list, had friends who showed up with beer, ate Hoppel Poppel, went to a new cafe in Bellingham that gave candy with the bill, wandered around Trader Joes, bought shoes (this alone deserves a whole post) and let my daughter drive my car for the first time.......



Did you hear what I just said.........

Lindsay drove for the first time today.

Like a pro.

Ok like a go kart pro......KIDDING...... she did so well - reversed, parked, used the indicator...... and I, I remained calm, did not poke a hole through the floor boards with my foot and did not pee my pants.  I think I did well.

SO proud of her!

Life is full..... full of ups and downs, twisty corners, thorny patches, sunshine and love....

It's a grand adventure or nothing at all........ said someone.......and I agree!

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