Thursday, July 10, 2014


I just survived a very unusual thing...... a thing I cannot remember doing for over 17 years......

I slept alone in my house last night.

OK Spanner was here but no other humans.

I was not, as evidenced by my typing this, bludgeoned to death by an intruder overnight.  Not even any silent scream or chasing dreams.....

In fact..... thanks to a lot of physical work yesterday (in my world that means shopping for the new centre instead of sitting at a desk) plus a protest in the hot sun followed by a pint with my parents I had a pretty good sleep.

Lindsay is at camp.  And the boys saw this

So they packed up this

Made a list of boy food to pack
Note the most important food in the right column
And headed to the mountains to camp by a lake.   And fish.

I went to a protest on behalf of public education outside a Liberal Party fundraiser - $500 a plate when teachers are using the food bank to survive the summer....... SO not ok.  Lots of folks turned out including some of my dearest friends......My Mom came so there was no possibility of a repeat of a previous protest in my youth in which the police were possible involved.


Solidarity foreeever..... the musical section

Trying to spot those dastardly Libs

It was hot - we made our point.  My parents treated me to a lovely meal and a pint of beer afterwards.

I came home, fed and played with the puppy.  I threw his ball onto the neighbours roof which caused great consternation ...... for Spanner.  Oh well.  Puppy Mama Fail.

And this morning I am working from home for a bit and then running some work errands before again working from home catching up on things that are not to do with the new centre ..... other work continues!

And tonight I get to sleep alone again.  Nobody tell the axe murdered where I am ok.

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