Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I have made a little tradition in my house that whenever I am going away I leave notes for each of my family.

Sometimes on their pillows so they get them at bedtime.

Sometimes at their spot at the kitchen island.

Sometimes I tape it to their bedroom doors.

Its just a little love note, a reminder that I love them.....sometimes a prompt about what they need to be doing while I am gone.

It's my thing.  I love doing it.

I have come home to my share of welcome home notes and after my last trip it was a 3D printed red rose on my pillow..... welcome to living with techie types!

David left on a trip into the wilderness last Friday.  I literally didn't know where he was off to but I more than trusted the leaders of the trip.  I knew he would have fun and be pushed physically and be in the great outdoors for 3 whole days, sleeping under the stars, swimming in lakes...... hopefully changing his underwear.

He knew I was a little worried.

He was also super scattered in getting ready in the manner only a 14 year old boy can be..... he kept telling me he had everything and then I'd mention a "thing" and he's leap up to go find it or pack it.....even when Allan dropped him off he forgot the waivers and Allan had to come back for them.

I found the much needed night hike headlamp on his bed the day after he left.

But this.......this I found when I went to bed on Friday night after my awful week.....

Just that he thought to do it was enough to fill my heart.....but what he wrote.....that brought the tears....
 He always wants me to be reassured (although "I will try not to do anything too extreme" doesn't really help!)......but he is to the point....... no "Dear Mom"..... or "Love David".....
But so much evidence of his big big heart, his sense of humor and his love.

Dear David.  I Love you.  Love Mom.

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