Sunday, July 20, 2014

More than a cup of Coffee

I have been observing this summer that my family and I possibly have different styles of relaxing.

Allan and the teens seem to need lots of down time..... reading, watching movies, napping, playing games on phones etc.....

I don't find that all that exciting or restful (although I will solemnly admit I can while away a few mindless hours playing scrabble and solitaire and angry birds on my phone too).

They seem to love being at home...... lounging on couches.

I need to get out and about to feel like I have had a break.

It's possible that I fear being too restful lest I never get going again if I stop.

Nevertheless......on Saturday morning I was feeling a bit blue.  Dreams of a little vacation, even a long weekend away just doesn't seem doable given the budget and the continuing uncertainty of the strike.  We could use the money now and regret it later..... which kind of takes the joy away.

So no trip left me feeling sad, even a tad mad.

I know how whinny and entitled that makes me seem.  I do.

Allan and I both did chores all Saturday morning.  I prepped for a baby shower and he cleaned out his workshop.

He loaded up the truck and I went with him to the landfill.  I needed to get some supplies from Target so we headed there after intending to grab a coffee on the way.

I suddenly remembered a little coffee shop I had been meaning to visit for a while and it was close by.

We found it and a parking spot easily.

It was a delightful spot.

The long Americano creamy and delicious.

And this is where serendipity steps in.

The Barista, a delightful young lady, asked how we liked the Americano?

And we began to chat.

About coffee at first.  About their decision to use East Van Roasters, a social enterprise that assist women trying to get out of poverty in the downtown east side of Vancouver.

About her own journey form a degree is psychology to an internship at Union Gospel Mission, to her initiation into coffee at a Steveston coffee shop we like.....  She was interesting and interested.

She runs the tiny 300 sq ft shop with her Mom who is also delightful and chimes into the conversation from time to time.

They are interested that I run a non-profit AND am addicted to coffee.

It seems we were made for each other.

The coffee was great but the whole little adventure was JUST what I needed.

I felt like I found a gem right in our City..... a place I will surely frequent.

It was a gift of a moment.

It lifted my spirits.

Richmondites......... Coffee lovers of the Lower Mainland...... Go to Fresh Press Coffee Bar

I'll see you there.

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