Saturday, July 12, 2014


CSA.... Community Supported Agriculture

Back in the Spring we had the opportunity to buy into a CSA plan here in Richmond...... there were a couple to choose from but we chose the Terra Nova Sharing Farm.  Not only is it local but they also donate to the food bank and others in need.

So we plonked down a sizeable chunk of change to allow them to  have the funds they needed to plant.

And now for 14 weeks through the Summer we get to go every Thursday and pick up our locally grown, organic veggies under the shade of the trees from the farmers themselves.

Little did we know that a) our budget would be so tight this summer or b) that the drought in California would make veggie prices soar this summer...... thus making this weekly bounty all the sweeter.

But with two large bags of assorted herbs and fruit and veggies each week, some of it unfamiliar, one has to stay on top of things.

On Thursday I spent two hours processing what I received (after a great chat with the farmer about her ideas) and so everything is either washed and ready to eat, bagged to be used or processed.

I put the basil through the food processor and froze it into basil cubes for future stews, soups, curry etc....

I boiled up the red currants with a little sugar and made a syrup for ice cream.

And the two giant romaines are washed, shredded and ready for a week of Caesar salad!

Feeling very blessed with the bounty!

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