Friday, July 18, 2014


My iPhone is apparently full.

Which is ridiculous seeing as I have no music on it and only about 5 apps.

But I can't get rid of that annoying little red 1 because there is insufficient data available.

It's the photos.

And given I am just slighty OCD enough for that to bug me I am going to share some photos now so I can make "space" for the iOS update my phone wants to have.

My week in photos..........

It was hot and sunny.  Very hot.

We had an open house at our new centre - we served milk and cookies.  60 people came.

A birthday tradition continued

We helped Allan do a moving job on his birthday..... we had fun

I spent some time with small people

This sunset made a long day so worth it......THIS is why my phone is FULL

My P's came to visit so we went to the the farm for a walk

I was reminded why I love Terra Nova Park SO much

Frogs were spotted - Alas no crocodiles as hoped.


The joy of a windmill

I had a photo featured on a website of talented real photographers

A friend texted me this throwback ..... how can it be only 4 yeas?

This happened....... OI VEY..... what this girl will do for ice cream apparently.

Two hard working ladies had a "meeting" this afternoon.  Nail polish may have been involved.

Allan said Frittata for dinner we used half our CSA box in in.

A cool patio, a delish dinner, a cool drink..... HELLO WEEKEND

AAAND I just checked and after all this  (and deleting at least 30 more photos) I still don't have enough data for the stupid update.

I guess I will check one more time to see if there are any photos I can store elsewhere..... SIGH.

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