Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekend Wrap up

Another blur of a weekend without much downtime.......what is that anyway?

Single parenting Friday went relatively some of the gear we want for South Africa - security back pack, folding water bottles, quick dry shirts and some thermal undies for Europe on the way home!

We had dinner at our favourite pizza place on Main St (Trilussa) and David went to Chapel while Lindsay and I did some more shopping for the trip and some Christmas gift shopping.

That is a lot of shopping for me in one day.

Turns out I enjoy shopping using gift cards that have accumulated in my wallet since my February..... MEC, Lulu, Crate and Barrel..... It's like free money!!

Saturday I dragged my tired butt out of bed to Jazzercise and was surprised to find Allan home when I got home! Yay for an early return from his conference.

I ran some errands for work including delivering a filing cabinet to the creepy storage unit.  Lindsay and I freak each other out as we each make faces at one another as though someone is behind us in the dimly lit, eerily quiet hallways.....EEEEK!

Lindsay did a little cart surfing on the way out......

 I got stuck into the jungle that was our veggie garden.....I am not sure what is worse - buying food and letting spoil or growing food and letting it spoil.  This I can tell you......we can grow mammoth Celery - like crazy long and crazy thick......and I learned that when it is that overgrown it is hollow in the middle and full of if you should find yourself outrunning the zombies in a post apocalyptic world and needing water - find some massively overgrown celery and Voila..... you're welcome!

I managed to salvage quite a bit of celery and many, many leeks..... enough to make vegetable word art.....and then some.....5 freezer bags full actually.....and today I made leek and potato soup with our own potatoes too!  A small harvest of potatoes due to lack of attention....sigh.....we need to do better with the veggie garden next year......this was not our best year.

Saturday night David had a late soccer game downtown and we all went.  Its been a long time, well over a year, since I last saw Mr D play and WOW was I impressed.....he has quite the boot and is a tenacious defender!  And a good burst of speed when he needs it too!

It was a crisp but gorgeous Fall evening downtown and I was practicing using the BIG camera and I really enjoyed myself....... I had hoped to upgrade my beloved Canon point and shoot before the trip but its not to be so I am hoping to get better at wielding the Nikon DSLR...... low light / dark is still a challenge for me.....and action shots.....but I got some fun ones last night.

After soccer the whole team and parents went out for dinner  - a great way to celebrate a cup game win! Such a great little team with great coaches.

Although I had believed the fishing season was over I was apparently mistaken and Allan was up at the crack of Sunday for one last (?) cast of the rod with the fisherguys.  The kids and I managed to get through the logistics of Soup Sunday at church and had a quiet afternoon at home while the leek and potato soup bubbled away.

I sent various emails confirming things in South Africa as we approach the 30 days to go mark.....EEEEK and started to make firm plans for visiting the many many friends we have there.

And so as I wearily survey the week ahead it looks manageable and the lists are getting check off as we go.

Have a good week friends!


  1. Wow, what a weekend.....gosh, almost time to fly! Whew,need to get my lists going!

  2. Get em going Wendy...... the invasion is almost upon you!!!