Friday, October 25, 2013

Freeze frame

If there had been a camera pointed at this door for the last 20 years it would have captured:

A young, lost, confused 20-something me trying to figure out how to live halfway across the world.

A delighted and pregnant me with Baby # 1

An exhausted and anxious me with tiny girl.

A tired me running after toddler girl

A tired me running running after toddler girl and growing baby # 2

A pregnant me figuring out how to do this a second time

A delighted me with a tiny boy in a car seat

A dazed me with tiny boy and "helpful" big sister

A me - from time to time through the preschool years trying to keep them from playing with the toys, or slumped on my chest sick

A me with fractured bones

A me with school-age children getting check-ups or flushed with fevers

And today a me with 2 teenagers getting check ups

I am SO grateful for one Doctor through all of the last 20 years who has helped me through all of these transitions.....who runs ridiculously late but always has enough time for me.... who errs on the side of caution... who seeks specialist help if she needs it.... who only ever yelled at me once!

She has celebrated the high moments with me, held my hand through some tough times, always been a sympathetic and intelligent physician.

 She cares about the whole of me and my family and we are so lucky to have her.

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