Sunday, October 20, 2013

Soul Fill Sunday

After a big day and night yesterday I was ready for a slow day.

Allan left at the crack of dawn for a fishing trip and I blessedly went back to sleep until the church alarm.  I woke the kids, got the dog up and fed, made myself a tea and had some granola and yogurt after realising I hadn't really eaten since breakfast the day before.....and it slowly dawned on me the children were not stirring upstairs.

I repeated my waking efforts to no avail and realised if I actually got them up I would be dragging grumpy teenagers to church so I abandoned my mission and crept back under the covers myself and listened to the radio for a defense of the sleepy teens Lindsay worked so hard with me all day yesterday and David had a robotics competition (in which he did really well) and then helped out at the auction...... I think a slow day was in order for them too.

My friend Emily and I had planned to go to a sale of equipment and props that a theater company was having so as I was heading out two sleepy teenagers had just emerged.  The sale was interesting and we both got a few things ....mostly for work.  We then headed to a Farmers Market in Southlands in
Vancouver.... and what a lovely little find it was....small and whimsical and soulful.....we both fell in love with the place. We did a little veggie shopping and then had a delicious heirloom tuscan tomato soup and slice of bread from Urban Digs ( I also got some of their preserves and Beer Mustard!!) and watched folks go by for a bit.

We wandered through the farm, watched the horses and I think we both felt a little restored from the busyness and business of our lives......or maybe it was the Magic Path?  :)

I came home and had a very rare nap.....which truly wrecked me though it was quite delicious to crawl into bed and close my eyes for a bit.  Lindsay and I had our flu shots yesterday morning and I think we are both feeling a little "draggy" today......or maybe just tired.

The kids and I just came home from Family Dinner with my parents and my Great Aunt Jean visiting from Ontario.  At almost 91 she is the last Richardson of her generation and one of the most charming.  It was delightful for the children and I to chat with her....she is beautiful and intelligent and interesting....a keeper of many hours of family lore and legends.

A delightful way to cap a busy weekend.

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