Friday, October 18, 2013

Keeping tabs!

There is a joke on the internet that goes something like this "a woman's mind is like having 100 tabs open on the computer"....or something (I could look it up but that would mean opening another tab!) but as I dealt with a rather wider than usual range of items and issues this week it rang me.

I do feel like I have 50 tabs open and there is stuff to do in each one.

I find myself flipping from reading hotel reviews in Frankfurt to reviewing budgets with accountants to editing photos of children doing art projects to wondering why the heck I cleaned the carpets the day before hosting a herd of youth .....and that's the pace I can keep up each minute of the day...... (then no shock that at 10pm when I put off my bedside lamp that my brain does not cooperate.....tabs left open all over the place!).

The Summer just went full tilt into the Fall which is crazy busy.  The final loose ends on the new centre are not yet tied up in a pretty bow and I just got a notification for a 30% completion walk through on the next new centres (which to curse me is actually running ON schedule when I am used to these things being years
behind schedule).....and we are suddenly in design of the 3rd new one.....which will hopefully fall hopelessly behind schedule before I lose the plot completely.

And that stuff is all extra to my regular job of keeping the wheels turning and the lights on in the organisation on a day to day basis! You get my need for multiple tabs yes?

Then this weekend in our annual fundraiser which somehow came to rest on three people again.....and again.... we managed to pull it off and are hopeful that the (much needed) dollars pour in tomorrow night so that tab can be closed before the system crashes altogether.

My beloved children keep flashing the countdown timers they have installed on their phones that show how many days, hours and minutes until we leave for the grand adventure..... I try to look pumped and excited instead of panic-stricken......and immediately 25 tabs open in my head with all I still need to do!

My poor friends must think I have abandoned them completely as I have been a lousy communicator and connector lately.....reduced to late night texts professing my barely visible friendship and love!!  I have all your tabs open peeps I promise and I think about you all often - usually while driving - when I can't text or call you.

Then there are the 20 or so tabs open about random, useless, ridiculous things......
like what the heck am I going to wear to the art auction tomorrow?,
remembering to pick up leaves and pine cones for decorating the art,
wondering when to schedule flu shots,
when the fog will lift?
whether or not the USA got its stuff together on the debt or should I be checking in with my mortgage broker about interest rates.......

And there went another 5 minutes of my life I won't get back.....

Oi - the tabs need to CLOSE already......where the heck is the button?

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