Friday, October 11, 2013

Trying Tires

Its the Friday before the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend and I find myself in the sterile and chilly waiting room of a tire dealer.  The Mazda 5 needs 4 new tires.

"Needs" according to all the tire experts..... who probably planned their change to be "needed" long before they are really unsafe.....but in this safe and risk averse culture and having no desire to be driving on icy roads with bad I sit....with a schwack of cash in my purse and some dudes working away on the M5.

I am feeling grumpy.  I should feel thankful.  I am trying.

I am sure when I wake up in a cozy log cabin in the woods tomorrow I will feel better.

Not just because I will be in one of my happiest places on the earth.  Not just because my peeps will all be close.  Not just because the view from my bed of all the Fall colours will be soothing.

It will be SO good to just be away.  To slow down. To rest.

I will breathe deep and sigh deeply and sink into the couch in front of the fire and read.

We will chat.  We will laugh.  We will snuggle. We will debate.  We will read.  We will drink wine.

And we will eat.

We manage to pull of a full turkey dinner on Sunday with the BBQ, a 2 plate propane stove, a convection microwave and an electric frying pan....a couple hours of  chaos and then a feast with the family!

So as they attach my fancy new tires that will apparently do everything short of making me cup of coffee and before I drive across the City to pick up a "happy" organic, unmedicated turkey,  I am practicing my feelings of gratitude and thankfulness.

I plan to make a long list of people and things I am thankful for this weekend so on days like today I remember.

Maybe new tires will make it onto the list :)

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