Tuesday, October 15, 2013


My Dad turns 70 today.

That used to seem old to me.  But now since I am well over half way there and my Dad seems the same as he ever has been ... 70 seems young.

We will celebrate today.

Celebrate a man..... a husband, a dad, a papa

He is so much more than that, if that were not enough.

He is a disciple, a mentor, a friend, a sports fan, a good cook, a mediator, a negotiator, a gardener, a world traveller, a patriotic Canadian and a son of Africa who has one of the best chuckles in the world.

He has lived an amazing life - all of which he has or is writing in his memoir.... from northern Ontario to the northern Cape.....to Boarding school and University to meteoric corporate success, to going into Ministry and travelling to some of the most dangerous and interesting places in Africa (Oh the stories!) to coming back to Canada to raise support for the work in Africa.... world traveller but happy homebody..... fierce defender of justice and fairness and due process and a calm voice of reason and integrity in the midst of a storm.

A man at ease in his own skin as he walks a path he knows he was called to.

I love you Dad for all you have shown me and taught me but most of all for being true to yourself!

Happy 70th Birthday

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