Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I am sitting at my kitchen island - french doors open......I can hear the music and the chatter of David and Allan in the workshop working to together on a project....Lindsay is in her room singing along to her music....There is a pot of roasted veggie stock bubbling away for Tuesday's soup and the many gourmet toppings for the soon-to-be-grilled flatbread are all chopped up and ready to go as is the spinach salad with toasted walnuts and double smoked bacon so the kitchen smells incredible......and I just finished editing some great photos of the last week or so and am sipping a cold beer.

Life is good.

Even on these busy work-filled weekends when Allan has both university papers and school marking to do (not to mention he is off to Anaheim on Wednesday for VEX Robotics World Championships with his RoboKids) and I have conference registration to keep up with and a big proposal to have ready for an important meeting in Seattle on Wednesday....... we make a choice to have fun and take those all important breaks when we can.

On Saturday late afternoon I managed to get into the backyard with my trusty helper David and get alot of the winter debris cleaned up, turned over the veggie beds soil, trimmed the roses, readied the pots and this afternoon Allan mowed the lawn.  Lindsay was in the kitchen emptying the over full veggie bins in the fridge and chopping them up for veggie stock.

Then Allan and I went on a date. To a great Italian Trattoria.  We had amazing food and great red wine and it cost us $6 thanks to a generous GC from my staff for my birthday (back in Feb!).  Feeling full we went down to Kits Beach and caught the fading sunset in a dramatically cloudy sky.  I LOVE this spot...It will forever be in my Top 10 favourite places in the can see the City, the Bay with all the ships, the far snowy mountains, the fills my soul..and to sit there with my favourite coffee in my hand next to my very best friend and talk about our life and our kids and the future.......hard to describe how amazingly blessed I felt.....a moment that will sustain me for weeks.

Sunday meant another work morning for Al as I took the kids to church.  As soon as we got home we jumped in the M5 and headed to Granville Island - our "go to" place for family fun which for us always includes food.

We each had what we wanted for lunch......David and I had crepes, Lindsay had a pita wrap and Allan had his fave Bratwurst hotdog.
My beloveds

And then we shopped...... Terra Breads, Organic Veg, Sausages, Chorizo, Cheese, Smoked bacon, walnuts, bagels and rugelach....... amazing bounty.

Coffee from Petit Ami and a sit in the sun watching the boats come and go under the Burrard St bridge before wandering in and out of the stores all the way back to the car.
Boys dreaming......

A short grocery stop and then home to prepare our Family Foodie Feast!

 What a great weekend of work AND play.

And now Playoff Hockey - about which Allan and David are pleased and Lindsay.......not so much!

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