Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day

Not gonna lie......have not had a great weekend.  I am a complete whiny baby about single parenting when I am so busy.  I need my partner in crime/parenting/love/reason/sanity...... I just do. 

Saturday I worked out and I dragged my butt there but felt so good after that and raring to go.

It was really all down hill from there.

Doing my taxes is an all time worst task of mine.  I do Allan's and mine and it's not that it's hard but I feel great responsibility that a mistake I make could cost us financially.  This is all self-imposed I hasten to add - Allan would be ever-gracious if I made a mistake - he is just grateful I do it.

And we owe taxes - no surprise - less than expected but still no cause for celebration!

I was happy to finally get to bed before 11pm for the first time this week.

Sunday I needed to work on my conference work but I was determined to do something with my kids after the tantrums they witnessed on Saturday.

This afternoon, we headed out to celebrate Earth Day together.

We visited our local farm for veggie seedlings and flowers......

We visited Value Village to buy white t-shirts to tie dye - recycling in action......

I tried to mow the lawn and could not get the mower to work - this sent me to the very brink of my sanity - rescued by my great friends Graham and Laura and the ever-charming and delightful Penelope who was a ray of sunshine and loved watching bugs, mucking about in the dirt and lying in the unmowed grass - bless her!
Potting some of the new flowers

Two sweet kids

How sweet are they?

A BBQ dinner, a glass of wine and the Canucks - oh the crazy stress of  the Canucks playoff series.
2 Davids - 2 Canuck Fans

Not often said - but I am glad this weekend is over!

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