Friday, April 6, 2012

Good, Gooder, Goodest...How was your Friday?

That grammatical incorrectness makes me shudder..........I can hear my English teacher yelling from Heaven!!! Not to mention my Mother!

I am mindful of the somberness that my faith focuses on today and the irony of it being called Good Friday.... I am no theologian so I commend to you a post on why Good Friday is Good..... if you care to know.....

What makes Good Friday good? - The Lindsay Post - Ontario, CA

Despite my best intentions I have had very little time to reflect on things today.  Our French home stay, Julia,  was up early and so I got up and going too......nothing worse than waking up in a strange house with strange people (not me of course) and not knowing when you can get up.....and I was worried she'd be hungry.

We delivered her to the school for her tour today and then Lindsay and I whipped around this town east to west and north to south gathering things on my list for the big Soiree on Tuesday for the French kids, our kids and the families here..... about 150 people and somehow I am in charge...... how DID that happen??  Things are on course and my helpers are coming forward......not gonna lie....will be happy when everyone is fed on Tuesday evening!

I made 8 cards today.  It was nice to have some creative, scrapbooky-type time although I was feeling the time crunch a tad. 

In writing 3 of the cards to three young people in our church who are getting baptised on Sunday I multi-tasked and had a moment to reflect on today and on some bible verses and to at least turn a grateful heart towards my Creator for what He accomplished for me today........unworthy as I am.

So the TO DO list has plenty of check marks........ now planning how to be good tourists tomorrow on our way to the Cabin.....all suggestions welcome......anyone ever gone in to Bridal Falls? to drive the Youth to skate at the Olympic Oval and then to Tim Hortons for donuts - a great Canadian experience for Miss Julia.

Happy Easter Friends!

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