Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday is Soup Day

For years now someone in our house has made a big pot of soup and a changing group of dear friends have shared a hearty bowl at our dining room table along with some great conversations and good laughs every Tuesday night.

In fact my very first notion of having a blog was to make it a soup blog and post the recipes.  Never happened.

For a long time Allan made the soup and approached the making thereof with a scientific method - he read all about the balance of flavours and the needs for acid and salt etc etc and "we" learned a lot of neat tricks and tips- like squeezing the juice of a lemon into a veggie soup (aka an acid) really brightens the soup and brings forward the flavours.

Then Allan went back to University and I was handed the soup pot.

Houston....we have a problem.

For a while I was rescued by the Soup Fairy who wanted to make the soup for the group and faithfully did so every week for a few months.....long enough for me to not be so freaked out about running solo on Tuesdays.

And so I began making the soup.....with a more artistic flair......a little more flying by the seat of my pants! And with the exception of one overly gloopy potato cheddar soup I have managed to pull it off.  I even make my own veggie stock now and love that process.  Soup has been demystified and I only wish I had got that earlier in my life.

My dear friend JB knew all my culinary skills were taxed enough producing soup that she provided dessert for months and as a champion baker we were all so blessed by her contribution.

Tonight I have a Board Meeting so I sat down to send a message to cancel soup group when Lindsay piped up that she would be happy to host the Group! Wow! 

Another soup maker is born. 

She and I got most of the prep for Broccoli Cheddar soup done last night and I am sure she will finish it off with flair tonight. 

I do have dozens of soup recipes so if you want one in particular let me know!

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