Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

There is a certain mystery in something new......fresh.....unknown......also a small frisson of anxiety or apprehension.
For some people it saps their energy and for some it feeds them.
I am on the fence.
Sometimes I love the thrill of something new, love going on a trip to a new place, discovering a new shop or restaurant etc.
But I also love routine and predictability and traditions and rituals.
The next few days has lots of "new" and lots of "tradition" it should fit the bill for my emotional state very well.....if I can just slow down enough to enjoy it ALL.

The new:

1. Julia arrives from France today to stay for a week.......Lindsay stayed with her family last Fall.  They are excited to see one another again.  Lindsay has begged us not to use any of our Grade 2 french even though Julia speaks almost no english!  We look forward to showing her around and getting to know her.  This is Lindsay having lunch with Julia's family..... so grateful for this experience for Linds.......and for us.

2. I have helped organise a "Welcome to Canada BBQ" for the French kids and their teachers at the school on Tuesday - 130 people.....entertainment, swag bags, VIP's......I have really enjoyed leading this event....As a working Mom I have not often been able to be very involved in school events so I am grateful for the opportunity.....and for having enough OT to take the day off to get it all together! Should be fun.

3. It's planting time........yip...... time to get that veggie garden up and running.   Like last Spring it has been wet and cool and so we are not too far behind the schedule.  It is always fun to plan what to grow, turn the soil and get the garden growing.

The traditions

1. Family time - I love long weekends for family time, for doing things together and although our family will be expanded we will do family stuff

2. The Cabin.....the Easter Bunny has often had to travel to the Cabin to find us and although the EB no longer features in our celebrations we thought a night in a log cabin in the forest would be a good experience for Julia so we will huddle around the log fire and relax for the night.

3. Reunions - my aunt is arriving from Australia to has been over 20 years since I saw her and she is now a Great Aunt to my kids so it will be super fun to see her.  She is my youngest Aunt being just 12 years older than me and we have had an interesting relationship - more friends than aunt/niece. I am excited to spend some time with her over Easter Monday Brunch and then on Wednesday when my Mom and I have taken the day off to go to Victoria with her.

4. Easter Day.........this never changes.......whether we go to church or not......Jesus rose from the dead and brought hope and salvation to the World......Hallelujah!

5. And chocolate.....there will be chocolate......this year we will say it with a french accent and consume it in many forms.......Oui Oui....tres bon!

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