Friday, March 9, 2012

Vegged out

For Lent Lindsay and I , independently of one another, decided to eat a vegetarian diet.  I described my goals for Lent in this post and Lindsay and I had a good discussion about eating simply to recognise the value of food in our lives, how blessed with abundance we are.   

To try, by this choice, to identify with those who have less.

So by default Allan and David have been along for the ride.  I have been a bit stretched in making innovative or exciting vegetarian meals..... there is only so much stir fry one can eat!

Mondays are the hardest but we have found with some careful planning and different purchasing we can pull off a pretty good vegetarian meal.

Tuesdays is Soup Group so we are plowing through the Veggie Soup sections of our cookbooks at the moment.  I made my own veggie stock by roasting all the "past-their-best" veggies in the fridge (and isn't that in itself a shock about is in our house).

Wednesdays since September last year have been sushi for Lindsay and I after her dance class in the City.  Well not sushi for Lindsay....but chicken teriyaki but that is not allowed so she has broadened her Japanese food repertoire and found some new favourites.

Thursdays is our super rush night as I have to leave the house at 6:15 to go my college teaching job so I race home and have to get something quick, simple and satisfying on the table ASAP.  I have been trying not to default to pasta too much for the sake of my waistline and have succeeded so far.

We call a truce to the veggie regime for Fri/Sat/Sun as we are often out and about or on the go.  In the book I am following Chris Seay suggest Sundays should be Family Feast Days and we have embraced that idea.

So 3 weeks in we have done well.  But we have also used up all our vegetarian stand-by meals. 

All vegetarian meal ideas gratefully received!

This weeks menu:
Monday - Halibut (that David caught in Alaska last summer) with Salad full of veggies and mandarin oranges and mash potato
Tuesday - Broccoli Cheddar Soup
Wednesday - Sushi / tempura
Thursday - Israeli couscous with baked salmon and stir fried carrots, celery and peppers.

For the next two weeks we will be on the road for Spring Break in the USA and it will be a huge challenge to be eating out with only vegetarian options. 

On the other hand a great way to keep ourselves mindful of Lent.

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