Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Parents are Cool People

My parents have waited 42 loooong years to hear this.

I jest.......of course.....I have told them before how much I love and appreciate them.  I am just reminded of it again today as I drove with them to SeaTac to drop my Mom off for her visit to Anchorage to see my sister and family and then back with my Dad up the Chukanut and into Fairhaven where we had a delicious lunch at Magdalena's Cafe (Jolanta ask me about this!!) and then home via a quick TJ's stop.

My life is so complicated and full, juggling many roles all the time, that it is really quite refreshing to just be the kid for a bit.

Of course we are at a stage in parent-child relations now that my Mother wanted to fully assure me, despite the fact I asked if I could go with them,  that they did not NEED me to accompany them, they would be perfectly FINE without me (read: we're not old enough to need to be "watched" yet Darling) but that if I wanted to come along  I was, of course, most welcome!! 

One of the things that I love most about my Mom is her's the Irish in her....she doesn't take anything gently.......except baby grandchildren. She fully embraces life and shakes all it has to offer out of every experience.  She sees everything as an adventure and mostly grabs the chance to do something new and exciting, to be on the road, on a trip, on a walk.  Don't get in her way.  Today she had my Dad and I rolling our eyes as she railed against the "Damn fool border guard" who was taking his sweet time with every vehicle.  She offered the American Government several suggestions about improving border crossings......luckily my Dad had the car windows rolled up and even though she refused to smile for the camera as we rolled through the gate she was already regaining her sense of humour.

When there were just 6 - Baby Ian has now joined the clan
 She is an amazing Gaga to her 9 grandchildren.  I am sure I am the favourite daughter (joking Jill - just joking) although in the providing grandchildren to the "Grandmother-of-the-Century" my sister trumped me BIG time! My Mom is on her way, so very excited, to visit her 7 Alaskan Grandkids.......they will be hugged on more than they can imagine and Mom will leave to come home with a sad but full heart a week from now.  She has been more than amazing with my kids (my paltry provision of just 2 grandkids is only occasionally held against me) and is an anchor in their world and an ever-loving, ever-fun, ever-creative Gaga they love to be with.

My Dad is a man of stories from such a rich, well-lived life.  We talked for 6 hours today without a break on dozens of different topics and we could have gone on for another 6 I bet.  His wisdom and perspective are sought by so many across the world and he is often my first point of reference when I need a calm head to help me think through something.  He has a calm self-sufficiency, a deep curiosity about people and the world, a deep loyalty and a great twinkle in his eye.  He has a silent chuckle that turns into a full laugh after a few seconds that warms my heart.

My David is so like his Papa and what a gift to share both his name and his nature.  This Papa is a great one to snuggle up next to and rest your head on his chest, to share a good story and a good joke with.  And sooner or later he will write some rhyming couplets about you or for you.....and you will laugh and then be moved to tears......a few of those writing genes came my way for which I am ever grateful although, as we discussed today.....I could have used some of his sleeping genes but it looks like Lindsay got those!

How cool is it that at 42 I get to spend the day with my parents, that we laugh, we chat non-stop, we argue, we debate, we contemplate together?  That all these years later, through the up and the downs we have all traveled, I get to still be their big kid some days?

Very very cool.  I love you Mom and Dad.

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