Friday, March 2, 2012

Girls trip - Sorta

I set out in the Mazda 5 with 3 other women this morning...... sounds like a girls weekend trip......and it is.......kinda sorta

These ladies are my colleagues (and also my friends which is a blessing) and we are away for work and team building.

We joked in the slow Border line-up that we are the united nations of child care!  Farida was born in Tanzania and came to Canada in 1972.  Jolanta was born in Poland and came to Canada in 1987. I was born in South Africa and came to Canada in 1993 and Jennifer was born in Vancouver to Chinese Parents. We also cover a couple of decades age wise.

We visited a school in Burlington Washington which was interesting and inspiring and we chatted a lot about our staff and our centres as we drove the I5.

We also managed to do a little power shopping along the way and ended up at Pike Place Market in Seattle where we wondered in that ever quirky place on a typically damp and grey Pacific NorthWest Afternoon.

We are cozied up in the hotel now making plans for dinner and waiting on some colleagues from home to arrive later and share a glass of wine.

Tomorrow we spend the day with leaders in our field at one of the leading centres and we are ready to learn and be inspired.

So it's a girls trip - with some amazing women who make a difference in our community and who make my job easier to do because of their passion for their work.

I feel blessed to be here with them tonight.


  1. looks like a fun weekend and I'm sure also very inspiring.Hi to Jen, Farida and Jolanta. Miss u all. Sheri