Thursday, March 29, 2012


My personal motto is "If it's worth doing it's worth doing well". 

This works well in most areas of my life.

But while no less true, it is slightly less of an esteemed goal when it comes to falling down.

On the ground.

I tend to major in spectacular falls. 

Fortunately not often.

But I have had three memorable falls downs stairs.

Once with a baby in arms, Once down an icy/snowy flight of stairs outside and once on the stairs in our house in which I broke my arm in 5 places and caused quite a scene.

Today was my second public sidewalk spill as an adult.......a good 8 on the spectacu-fall-o-meter with extra points for making no noise and saving my phone!  I did the embarrassed pop-up "I am fine I am fine" thing to which the onlookers and kind helpers begged to differ and suggested I sit a moment.  They could see the rip in the knee of my jeans and the mud all down my right side, even splattered on to my face.  I thanked then and smiled bravely and got to my car and home as the first waves of nausea from shock set in.  My Mom and I were supposed to have lunch but she came over and made tea instead.

Tea has such restorative properties.

I went back to work in clean clothes and with a big gauze patch on my knee.  Stiff and sore and bruised tonight but hopefully a good sleep and some good meds and all will be well.

But really if you have to fall......going down in style is the way to least you get a story out of it!

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