Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Life is a highway..........

Or it will be for the next two days.

Am I ready......???? The lists written and crossed off....???

No sireee, not at all.

I am still at work and when I get home Allan will have left for class at Trinity so we will rendezvous in the front hallway at 4:30am tomorrow morning with sleepy teens, load up the "Rolling Blue Thunder", check for passports and cross our fingers and head south!

There is a certain freedom in flying by the seat of your pants in this fashion.....I am SURE that is not the reason I was awake at 4:30am this morning mentally running lists and disaster scenarios....... couldn't be.

The fact that we are taking the truck means I need to care just a little less about precision packing as we have loads of cargo space.  Allan would hasten to add he has no desire to pack ten thousand small bags into the truck and would prefer, at least, organised packing.  Yes well...about that.

the cab of the truck is a bit of a different story with 3 in the back seat.....it's going to be cozy and they all want their own pillow and blanket and idevice, books, games, snacks, water bottles..... we have coffee cups, GPS and snacks up front too.  There is no way we arrive elegantly in either Grants Pass or Monterey.....I can see the valet parking guys at the hotel drawing straws to see who has to deal with "those people".

Oh well.......life is like this sometimes. We need the break and if that means less than perfect packing and a less than Martha Stewart arrival so be it.

Here's to sun (or at least an optimistic forecast), surf, friendly border guards, singing in the car, new sights, old friends, chocolate covered peanuts (thanks Jen),family visits, good food, great photos (with or without a tripod), a glass of wine (or two) and sand between my toes.

Happy Spring Break Friends.

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  1. Hope you have a good trip! We always love a good road trip for good ol' quality family time!