Thursday, December 23, 2010


Its the day before "The Day Before Christmas" and I have been checking things off my list since early this morning!  I started the season with an excel spreadsheet for all the people and all the gifts .....  it looked so great and I was so organised.  I updated it as each gift was bought and marked the row with an X when a "person" was all done!
And then I lost the plot.... the shopping outstripped the excelling....... so I was trying to mentally fill in the blanks as I was wrapping this afternoon (kids were out with my parents for some Christmas fun - Christmas music was on - kettle on the boil - ahhh).  Allan was helping me, trying not look alarmed as I kept pulling out bags and items ( we have WAY too many books ).  He retired to the Family room and declared on his FB status that the wrapping was done.  I popped upstairs with a feeling there was more and... BINGO I found another whole bag of stuff (and 4 more books).
This is somewhat of a "thing"...... however it usually happens just as everyone has opened their gifts on Christmas morning, my mind casts over the excel spreadsheet and I remember something I bought in October and stashed way back in the closet - I exclaim, run upstairs and reappear with said item.  You can actually see my family waiting in that moment after the tree is declared bare of all gifts for me to leap up and do my "thing". (secretly all hoping the forgotten item is for them!)
Well...... NOT this year - I am searching the nooks and crannies of the house now while everyone is out and I will find that hidden gem AND wrap it AND get it under the tree......!!! Lets see their faces on Christmas morning when I just sit there and smile (because no matter what I am not doing that "thing" - if there is a forgotten gift I will keep in until their birthdays - Ha!).
Noone is home tonight so I am having sugar cookies and Chardonnay for dinner - I earned the right after kicking my own butt at Jazzercise tonight!
Hope you and yours are feeling the joy tonight! (BTW - who are you? - 136 visits to this blog - OK... so 30 were me but who else is out there reading this?)

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