Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Family Saturday

This is supposedly the busiest shopping day of the year so NOTHING could induce me to go to the Mall. But a little stroll in our village Steveston  with my family was perfect!  I was up early and at Jazzercise for an hour and came home and had a lovely breakfast (yay bacon ;). We then headed into the village. First stop Library for holiday reading and then Lindsay and I sorted out her bank account while the boys went to Steveston Barbers for haircuts. Lindsay and I joined them there after the bank... the Barbers are so funny - its like stand up comedy!  I asked Barber Ryan why he hadn't got rid of the grey in Allans hair - he holds up his comb and says "This is a comb not a wand"  Ha ha.
Then we wandered around the village and made a few purchases at Nikaido and Pieces.  Had a coffee stop at the new coffee shop Rocannini (?) . Then more shopping at the Prickly Pear and the Spotted Frog - I decided on a snowflake theme for the Christmas dinner table and got some sweet stuff for that.  We hit the bakery, Herringers and the veggie store before outrunning the rain back to the car.
A totally happy morning with the family in one of our best places on the earth - I feel blessed!
And now to pack for our quick get-a-way to Seattle (can you say outlet shopping!!).

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