Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Birthday

The thing with a Monday Birthday is...well...who likes Monday?

So we did a little celebrating on Sunday night but the 6am alarm went off this morning as per usual. Boys had to get up for school and Allan is at UBC until late tonight.  But first they showered me with cards and gifts.

Like a big girl I had saved all the cards and gifts I had been given until today (#maturityforthewin) so as I stayed cozy for a few extra minutes this morning, I read some very lovely, kind words and got some thoughtful, generous gifts.   And that was before I checked Facebook - oh my!!

My heart was very touched.

I get my Birthday off work, as does everyone in our organisation.  So I had a day ahead of me.

After doing a few things around the house I decided to head out to my beloved Granville Island.


If there is anything the last year has taught me it is to take better care of myself and what myself needed today was some time on my own, walking, snapping pics, eating good food, drinking coffee, breathing fresh air and being contemplative.

Going slow.

Noticing details.

Feeling grateful.

I did my usual loop on the Island and then I watched the water taxi's for a few minutes.  And then I decided I wanted to take a little cruise so I hopped on one.  Best $7.50 I have spent in some time.  It was just me for the first hop and the driver took the slow scenic route.  It was like he knew I was in no rush, that I was enjoying taking it all in. The City and the Bay were looking so pretty as the fog lifted and the rain moved over the mountains....It was a blissful cruise. A gift.

I ran a few quick errands in the market and headed home to free the hound.

A perfectly lovely birthday present to myself.

A pretty great Monday too!

And I settled on my One Little Word...more on that tomorrow.

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