Sunday, January 31, 2016

36 years

36 years ago tomorrow, on my 10th birthday, my Dad started a new job.

To be more precise... he left a high flying corporate career and followed a call on his life to full time ministry.

A call he answered but, in truth, we all answered. 

We moved cities, took a massive cut in income, gave up the company cars and set about living life as Missionaries and Missionary kids.  
Leader, mentor friend
Michael Cassidy

The blessings that accrued from this step of faith have far, far outweighed the not insignificant hardships and challenges that invariably show up in life.

That journey, that career, that particular, and peculiar at times, work life ends today.

It surprises us not at all that my Dad (and my Mom) will spend the afternoon today at Missions Fest staffing the African Enterprise booth, making connections, dispelling myths about Africa, telling stories, hailing and being hailed by many old friends, sharing passion and heart.  I am also certain my Dad will be back in this booth as a volunteer for years to come but today it stands as his last work assignment.

I am so incredibly proud of my parents, for this was a journey they walked side by side.  Their commitment, integrity, passion, sacrifice and steadfastness to the work, the organisation, the people, their faith, is remarkable.  

They are ready for this new phase.


So tonight, at a family celebration, we will pause with gratitude for the gift of work and the gift of graciously laying down the work and courageously walking into a new stage of life where the same faithful God will continue to love and guide each and every day.

February 1 - a new day, a new chapter for Dad and for me.  Because if you were tracking the math from the opening sentence you'll know that tomorrow I turn 46.  We have long shared this day, my Dad and I, and many milestones along the way and tonight and tomorrow will be just one more.

I love you Dad.  Congratulations on your retirement.

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