Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sweet Stretch

I have managed to turn this birthday of mine into a sweet stretch of time that has filled me up in my heart, my soul and my belly.

It ended today with a lovely brunch with my sweet daughter downtown on a spectacular February day.   After brunch and long walk in the sun and some retail we took another shot at the Hot Chocolate Festival offerings, this time from Bella Gelateria and OMGoodnessMe - SO Good.  We sipped our sublime chocos in the sun, watching people and boats and feeling very mellow.

A wonderful end to a fine birthday run!

And so this first 9 days of February have been very kind to me and if they are but the smallest indication of the year to come I am set!

I have had 4 days off in these two weeks (my birthday, a stat and 2 days of vacation reclaimed from my dismal attempt to vacation at Christmas Break).

It is both amazing and constructive that a couple extra days at home can make SUCH a difference not only in my overall feeling of wellness but also in the ordinary everyday moments of running a home, being a Mom, wife, friend...

I cooked and baked and tried a few new recipes, mostly with success.  I feel like I have finally mastered the slow cooker and I think my managing of family nutrition in the next few months will undoubtedly benefit.

I tamed a pile of papers in the house.  Tax season approaches and I must be organised.  

I marked papers and assignments and got myself sorted for an upcoming conference.

Dinner with our squad downtown.

I had tea with friends and a good catch up.

Beer with another.

I finally made plans for a mini, budget-friendly-ish Spring Break Getaway.  Phew....it takes time to troll through VRBO!

I drove my kid to school...they were both with me so we drove the route we drove for most of their elementary schooling for old times sake.  It was super foggy but we reminisced.  Or to be precise I reminisced and they tried not to roll their eyes.

It's fun having Miss L home for reading break, especially as she has no reading to do!   On Monday the boys went fishing and she and I, with our dear friends LV and EV, headed up to Cypress to snow shoe.  It was early and the light was amazing and I tootled around on my own snapping happily while the other 3 headed to the peak!

We live in a breathtakingly beautiful part of the world and I am feeling a renewed sense of gratitude for it's peace and beauty....and the fact Spring feels within reach!

So the lovely, delightful, blessed birthday stretch ends here.

Next Stop Spring Break.  I can make it!

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