Sunday, February 21, 2016

Driving the Edges

I live in Richmond BC, Canada

As you can see it has a river on the north and  river on the south (actually the same river but stay with me here).  It is a fertile river delta with abundant (if sadly diminishing) farmland.  And it is also a vibrant city with distinct neighbourhoods.

Laid out in a grid with unimaginative east to west street names No 1 Rd, No 2 Rd, No 3 Rd each a mile apart all the way to No 9 Rd.

I live between No 1 Rd and the ocean in the bottom left corner.

The very cool thing, and the point of this geographic post (Hello I AM a geography major!) is that with a little time and imagination one can drive the edges of this island and enjoy beautiful views, winding roads, light traffic and multiple places to pull over and take a photo.

Which, of course, I do.

In fact I try and drive the riverside roads as much as is possible. North and South.  And when I have to get from North to South I find farm roads.

People in our city complain endlessly about traffic and other drivers and I have been know to loose my temper from time to time when going back and forth across the centre of the City is unavoidable but there are chances and choices to get away from that and I never miss them.

I love to see the river change through the seasons, from dawn to dusk.   I have lived here almost 17 years and I never tire of it.  Today after doing groceries on No 5 Rd I headed south and I felt myself let out a sigh of contentment as I drove up onto the dyke and saw the river calm and clear, grey skies, grey water.....but there.....always there.

If you live here - drive the edges it.  Spot the eagles, herons, horses, mountains, islands, boats.... breathe in deeply!  We are so lucky to live here!

If you don't live here, come and visit.... I'll drive you around the edges. We'll walk the dykes.  You won't be sorry.

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