Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lessons from an office move

I moved offices yesterday.  

After 16 years in one office this is the second move in a year. 

I have emerged from the dark, windowless, hallway office to light and expansive
views of the second floor corner office with windows on 3 sides. 

That's it right?

Corner office with a view.

A R R I V E D 

Career goal achieved.


Not exactly.  

I do indeed have the big desk back after a year of much less real estate. I am indeed on the second floor staring out of a window to the actual outside world.

And so are my two colleagues. 

Also in my same office.

In a clear reminder that the non-profit world is different.  That child care centres are designed for children and Educators but not Administrators.  That just because an architect gives a room a designation doesn't mean you can't change it....

Here we three sit.  In the previous "staff room".  Trying to negotiate space and noise and the printer and the phone.

Despite the obvious challenges it is, for me,  a very small price to pay for the light and the view.  My spirits are already lifted.  And in this early part of the day as the sun creeps over the horizon I am alone... and the sudden noisiness of my typing which I suddenly noticed seemed so loud yesterday is only for my ears.  For now.

Another step on this funny journey of work/career/service.  A step that will teach me patience and focus and collaboration and how to type more quietly.

Now excuse me , the sun is in my eye..... Ahhhhhh yes. 

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