Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The year of....Beer

2015 was many things but one of the fun things for us was our fall foray into the world of Craft Beer.

I am not sure exactly how it began (*cough* ev *cough*) but for sure by the summer we were fully in to cracking a craft beer or two on a summers night.

Often right after a carving lesson.

Or while making sausages.

Or for no reason at all.

Our local pub has a fabulous little liquor store attached and we have spent many a long few minutes in the cold room trying to pick a new brew to try.

Sometimes we pick it for the name (Salty Scot, Farmhand) or the label and sometimes for the actual kind of beer it is.

They come in a larger format so you can easily get 4 small glasses out of each which allows for multiple tasting in one evening.
Relax - this was not all tasted in ONE evening

I am most definitely averse to an abundance of hops  as is one of our beer buddies.  They taste like lavender to me - eeugh.  I like malty and a bit bitter and I have discovered Kolsch is often to my liking.  One of our crew loves a good sour and we have all grown fonder of sours over the year.  Two of us prefer lighter and two prefer darker but we have ALL tried lots of new beer this year and I think we have all grown our beer palates somewhat.

The craft beer movement is huge here, as it is in other places, and I am sure we have just started to inch our way into the huge variety out there.  We didn't pay much attention when we started but thanks to a recent gift we are now plotting flavour profiles and keeping track of what we like and what we do not like (right now).  I am not sure what happens to us once we have plotted 33 bottles of beer - which might happen sooner than you think!

We don't yet have our own personalised growlers yet but I am pretty darn sure we are brave craft beer explorers nonetheless.

We will be "Cheers"ing with our beer buddies on NYE and among the many things we will "Cheers" to is the Year of Beer.  Maybe with this charming bottle?

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