Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Tomorrow I am not leaving the house.  At all. 

I just got home from my final grocery run.  I went to Superstore aka Stupidstore.

In spite of being extremely organised this year - even by my standards, I shopped a little each paycheck for the last few months and I am done, wrapped and all stocking stuffers ready to go.  

But it feels like I have been doing groceries every day for two weeks now!  It's crazy but today I made the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day menus' and tonight my mom and I hit the store for the final final bits and pieces.

Including a turkey.

Which is maybe the one thing I should have bought a few paychecks ago.

Because tonight there were slim pickings.

If they weren't stuffed or basted in butter, they were too big or too small and the two organic birds left were huge in size and price.  

So we got the fresh young turkey.  Good size.  Good price.  

But as I was loading it in the cart I saw it was maybe missing a leg???  "Very odd" I said to my Mom.  Until we read the fine print that said "pieces may be missing"  Great.  How appealing.  So we dug through the pile until we found one with 2 legs, 2 wings (if one was a bit odd looking) and 2 breasts and if it's missing any other pieces I don't care.   We have a turkey to roast!

It's in my fridge now ,chilling, and I am trying not to contemplate it's previous existence and seemingly violent end.  

If you want to hear a hilarious, Canadian turkey story - Stuart Maclean tells his epic Turkey Tale HERE. (after a brief ad)

So for a brief 15 minutes tonight I am home with Spanner the miracle dog who ate half a box of Purdys chocolates this morning and has lived to tell the tale although his shame is palpable.  The naughtiest thing he has ever done!!

The tree lights are on, the rain is drumming gently on the roof and windows and soon my peeps will burst through the door  - light sabers swishing as they return from the much anticipated Star Wars movie.  Excellent it was. Sure I am. 

And soon I will make a cup of peppermint tea and enjoy being in a warm house,  with fridge and freezer full, the tree smelling lovely and the growing pile of gifts.  

And tomorrow..... will be slow and lovely.  

Carols playing, shortbread baking, family around.....Ahhh ..... Just what I need. 

Wishing you all peace and joy.

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