Sunday, December 27, 2015

Best kept secret

I know it will come as a shock to most of you that I did something, something quite big and exciting to me, and I did not document or comment on it on any social media AT ALL.

It was a secret mission.

We had family photos taken by the lovely Jody at Whimsy and Wonder Photography.

On a freeeeeezing cold and windy November 11 morning at Britannia Heritage Boat Yard.  We had to go no matter the weather as it was the last day of Lindsay's reading break and she was heading back to UVic.

It was even harder to keep the secret when we got the photos two weeks later!  And not to comment or like the sneak peek Jody posted on her Facebook lest my parents see.

I'll be honest what was even harder was to like, even love, myself in these photos but I have tried hard!  I recently did some photo books as gifts of trips taken and I see how very seldom I get in front of the camera. It was time!

And so on Christmas Day my parents opened a framed photo and PHEW the surprise was worth it!


So thanks Jody, Thanks Family, Thanks Friends who played along.

And here - the photos we are delighted to have of this moment in our family.

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