Monday, December 14, 2015


Tomorrow morning I will make the almost familiar-6am-in-the-dark-maybe-rainy run to the ferry.

This will be the last goodbye ferry run of 2015 as Missy heads back to UVic to write 2 last exams in the next 5 days.  

I think we have done very well with this whole University thing.

She has been spectacular.  I think we knew she was ready for this change but boy...was she ever ready!  She has made new friends, loved her new learning, embraced campus life (even the less lovable bits like cafeteria food) and worked very hard and with one A already in the bag I think there may be a couple more to come.

For a kid who did veeery little observable homework in her school career I am impressed and a tiny bit surprised.  This is the child who loudly declared she could NOT do the math to which I said that no such determination could made as there was insufficient evidence to prove it!  

And today when the class average was 60% in Socio she scored a healthy A,  

She has played inter-res soccer, even in the pouring rain, done yoga and worked out almost every day, found a couple of other smart introverts and become close friends, spent many happy hours in the Res lounge making lots of new friends, learned how to do laundry 4 flights of stairs down from her room, negotiated the bus, ferry trip logistics, found some interesting cafeteria food hacks that kept her nutrition somewhat intact......and had lots of fun and laughs and I am sure there is a lot more that I don't know about!

And you know what..... I am totally ok too.  There is no doubt I miss her.  I miss her space in our family and our home but I don't overly worry or fret about her.  She has proved, in spades, she's got this.  I trust her.  And I have enjoyed being with my boys too.  Learning to be three and then four and then three again.  

I know it's only semester 1 but I am celebrating that we were brave and strong and everything has turned out well so far.  

I'm looking forward to a two week stretch of being 4 again and settling into a much needed break for us all after a Fall that had us running full tilt.

Masters Man has submitted his final term paper too so very soon school will be done and other, neglected, pursuits can be enjoyed.  Like sleep. 

Yay us. 

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