Friday, January 1, 2016

This year I will.....

This year I will be...... different.  

Ok get the wise cracks about how "different" I already am out of your system.

By different I mean changed. 

All I will commit to this January 1, 2016 is that by January 1, 2017 I will not be the same person.

  • I will be older. In 30 days actually.  46 seems a very "Meh" age.

  • I may be thinner and fitter (or not).  I certainly won't be taller - that ship has sailed as our family photos illustrated SO well.

  • I may or may not be wiser but I will have added knowledge to my brain.  And maybe my heart too.  I start an online course with Dr. Brene Brown on Daring Leadership in January that I am very excited about!

  • I may sleep better.  It can hardly get any worse.  And Yes I have tried melatonin!
  • I will learn some new tricks in the kitchen.  I have declared this the year of fried chicken.  We (and I mostly mean Allan, Lindsay and Emily) will perfect that holy grail.  And enjoy doing so.  Which may jeopardize other goals (see above second point!). Fried chicken and craft beer.  Yeah baby!

  • I will walk more.  My fitbit and I have embraced the pavement, the trails, the dyke and we walk as much as we can.  I don't see that stopping.  We may raise our step goal but we'll see.

  • I may learn to give myself a little more time and space to live my life the way I want it to be.  While the "Just in Time" thing certainly worked better than I could have imagined, it could give me an ulcer in the long run.  I hope to plan ahead better.

  • I might master the DSLR camera or I might just keep snapping with my iPhone.
  • I will go to actual yoga classes.  And I will try to quiet my mind while doing so.

  • I am committed to putting more focus on my faith life.  I hope to learn and grow and connect with church peeps more.

  • I did manage 2 naps in 2015 - I think I am hoping for 4 in 2016.  Aim high I say.  

  • I will spend time with friends.  I hope to make more time for friends that I missed in 2015.  I want to be a good friend even when I am busy

  • I'll do many more soccer trips while Masters Man does many more hours of school (double courses this semester!!).  I will try not to curse about the weather.

  • I'll move my girl out of residence back home and then from home back in somewhere.  I will learn to embrace all the coming and goings and do my best to just enjoy the moments we have together.

  • I will do what I can to balance my work.  I think if ever there was a greater chance of that it could be this year.
  • I will love my family - that is a given, not a goal.  It isn't always easy and I am not always good at it but it is always at the top of my list of priorities.  They are my peeps - we are each other's peeps.  I will also try loving myself more as I continue to struggle with that as a concept nevermind a practice.

And so I will learn and grow and stretch my body and my mind and my heart and my faith and my anxieties and my joy and my circle and I will be a different person simply through the very everydayness of my life.

Happy New Year.


  1. Thats an awful lot....I would choose perhaps 1 or two and start with those, when accomplished ...