Sunday, May 10, 2015

Standing on shoulders

I am such a blessed Mom today.  

My children's cards, generous and thoughtful gifts and sincere attention brought big tears to my eyes this morning.  Not to mention all the things their Dad showered on me too!

And a deep joy and feeling that for all the many many days I have failed miserably at this job I never interviewed for or was vaguely qualified to do.....that together with my husband Allan, my parents David and Lesley and a vast village of friends, teachers, health professionals, coaches, neighbours, church, fellow citizens we have done something right.

And this is my abiding thought today..... 

This mothering thing cannot be done alone.  

I am here today, a little over 18 years into this journey, with two children who are still alive and thriving because I stand on the shoulders of those who mothered before me (especially my Mom), holding the hands of those who parent ahead and alongside and behind me and those who are not parents but love my children and I, sending prayers daily for grace and energy and wisdom and patience and joy for me, for us all.

You are my team and I am deeply, deeply grateful. 

Lindsay and David - you make me so proud.  You are such wonderful, smart, loving, caring, sassy, funny, gorgeous creatures.  I couldn't love you more or be more grateful that I have you to mother. Thank you for forgiving my short comings and loving me so well. 

Allan - we're in this together buddy, always.  And I am so lucky to co-parent with you.


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