Saturday, May 30, 2015

Into the woods

We have resolved to hike more this summer and summer has arrived in May so to the woods we headed early this Saturday morning.

It was just Lindsay and I as the boys were off to the Richmond Carving Club show where David won a second place ribbon and Allan, after a record ribbon haul last year, got nothing...because he hasn't carved anything this year as his creative outlet is entirely taken up with tying fly's to catch trout with!

Anyway - back to the hike.

We looked for something easy in the 5km range to ease ourselves in.

We drove 50km to Mount Seymour on the North Shore...up to the Ski resort now devoid of snow.  We put on our backpacks and headed off.

This is called a "hikie" in case you were wondering
 It looked easy to start.  A wide path.  Gentle down hill.

But soon that path ran out

And then the path looked like this.  I kid you not.

It was a scramble with very careful foot falls.  

We came upon First Lake in good time and met some Park Rangers out on the trail checking things out.

We didn't encounter too many folks and it was wonderful to listen to the Raven call and the breeze in the trees.

The rocky outcrop at the end of the trail was really the reason we chose this hike and BOY was it worth it.

The trip back was quicker as we knew where were going but by then the trail traffic had increased drastically making it less enjoyable.

We completed the 8km moderate hike in under 2 hours with a lot of stops to let folks by us on the trail (and the odd photo stop).

It was a great workout I think I will be feeling tomorrow and a great adventure with Miss L.  

We rewarded ourselves with lunch in the ever lovely Deep Cove.

Home to showers and a longish list of chores including gardening, hulling and freezing 6 baskets of local strawberries and doing laundry.

I am ready for my bed.  Right after this beauty...


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