Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Smarty Pants

For a long time I was the most educated member of my family.... formally speaking.

A couple of years ago Allan caught up to me with his BA Leadership Degree.

Now Lindsay is hot on our heels as she heads off to the University of Victoria to do a
BA Psychology in September and then passing us by likely going on to do a Masters in Child Psychology.

But...in breaking news...Allan has been accepted into Graduate School at the University of British
Columbia to do his Masters in Administration and Educational Leadership starting in September.

I am beyond proud of him and never doubted his acceptance.

And just because we seem to be in some Educational Vortex at the moment David is off on a new Educational journey at Richmond Virtual School (Link HERE to read more about this amazing opportunity) called SKY, also in September.

I predict that in a few years I will have become the least educated person in my household.

In the meanwhile I will have to be educated in being the wife and mother of University students (I am not going to lie that this is a scary prospect emotionally and financially!) educated in managing a virtual student and educated in amusing myself and maybe cooking ...seeing as two of my peeps will be away or very busy.

September 2015 is going to be a banner month is the life of the Byres North Clan.

                                   I guess, in our own small way,we are changing the world.

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