Thursday, May 28, 2015

Point B

There is no way to truly be prepared for having a baby.

There is also no way to truly be prepared for the day when that baby turns 18.

But prepared or happens.

It happens today.  

That itty bitty wide eyed baby girl that was placed in my arms, whose eyes locked with mine and I fell deeply in love...that little girl with a mop of curls and a lot to say, that fiesty pre-teen desperately flattening those curls, dancing and singing, that smart and beautiful and fierce teenager, rugby playing, baking, cooking, reading girl...that 18 today.  All the love, all the laughter, all the sass, all the messy room, all the hair product, all the debating...we love it all!  

We love all of you!

I realise I have no objectivity here but this beautiful girl is such a joy to my heart.  She is an honest friend, a caring and loving daughter and a funny, smart, thoughtful and empathetic young woman ready to make her next move in the world.

Our card to her today says...

"One person can change the world. Just look at how beautifully you've changed ours"

Lindsay Erin Elizabeth...we loved you the moment we met you, and if it is at all possible, we love you more today.  

Happy Happy Birthday Beautiful.

I heard this poem a while ago and I gift it to you today.... with all my love. Mama

Point B

(you don't need to watch the whole TED talk although it is amazing - She opens with the poem).

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