Sunday, April 26, 2015


As I get older one thing I have developed is the skill of re-creating.  This is not to say I always employ this skill but as my personal motto dictates " if it's worth doing it's worth doing well" when I set my mind to it I can recreate well. 

This weekend was a case in point. 

Knowing I was unencumbered by any responsibilities I made plans. 

And how lovely it was to be downtown on a spring Saturday with a friend... Blue skies, puffy white clouds.... Protests, tourists, street performers... Beautiful modern buildings alongside grand old dames....  

We went to the Vancouver Art Gallery to see an impressionist exhibit... And then we wandered the whole gallery in companionable conversation about art, life, immigration, weather, parenting... culture.. The art did what it always does for me... Takes me away... Makes me think in different ways, consider other perspectives... And question why I don't come here more often!!

We lunched in the sun, wandered in the City and caught the train back.

It was restorative.

Before I got home I did some groceries at David's request as he decided that he was making dinner.... A most uncommon event in our house.  Multiple recipe tabs were open on the laptop and he produced a stellar meal with much enjoyment in the process. 

While the meal was in progress I managed to spend a delightful hour on a sunny deck with a cold beer in conversation with dear friends...In another broad range of conversation topics from corporate leadership to reflective thinking to summer plans.  

I dropped off Lindsay's overnight bag as she was doing an overnight babysit and had a delightful chat with her two young charges.

Home and Into a scrumptious smelling house to watch an industrious boy prep a meal.  Well actually just two pork tenderloins and a lemon meringue pie. I quickly found some veggies and soon he had a great meal assembled.  I am so proud of him!

Allan returned from a river route hike to scout future fishing tired but happy for having been outdoors with good friends in the beautiful BC wilderness. 

Today was pretty chill, a little work, coaching some practicum students, a quick but productive planning meeting for an upcoming trip to Portland, a pedicure and a torturous trip to Costco which sorely tried my civility to my fellow human beings..... The benefit balance between low prices and my sanity is very thin! 

I recovered from my Costco rage with a great walk on the dyke a few blocks from our house with Mr David.

A lovely family dinner, music videos streaming and the children producing endless Internet hilarity rounded out a full, recreational weekend.

Like anything ... If one wants to get better at something one has to invest time and energy into perfecting the skill... I think I got a little better at the life part of life/work balance this weekend... Let's hope I still remember next weekend! 


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