Monday, April 13, 2015

Kid Time

Just like every parent on planet earth I derive a great deal of joy from seeing my children happy.

If I can cause that happiness in some way, so much the better.

This weekend was filled with exactly the joy and happiness I cherish with my kids.

I have always been wary of splitting our kids up to have quality time with them but the reality is that being teens of different genders they have few common interests so sometimes I just do the one on one thing (although doing things as a family is still my happiest place).

On Saturday Lindsay eventually arose and was ready to "do something".  So we hopped in the car and headed to new shopping grounds....and had a wonderful few hours puttering through stores, trying on and buying clothes.  She is a great and honest shopping companion although I don't always take the advice (she may still be bitter about a dress I didn't buy).  We bought two packs of hangers for her Dorm room.  I figure if I buy one thing each time we are out and about we will get through the list of what she needs before September.  It is also part of my desensitization training for the big goodbye. I am training my stomach not to drop every time we buy something or talk about what she needs. This in the vain hope I will cope fine when it all happens.  

We ended with a coffee and a waffle together.  

I cannot express my deep gratitude for these times she and I have together.  Her teens have been mostly delightful and I treasure her and the woman she is becoming.

Sunday brought a concert we bought David tickets for for his Christmas gift which he was pretty happy about then.

He invited his friend Megan to go with him and I was the willing chauffeur as Allan was out fishing.  We drove the hour or so to the venue and had a rushed dinner as the increasingly excited/anxious David wanted to get to his premium admission area ASAP.  Traffic was awful as 6000 people tried to park etc so he and Megan hopped out and ran the last block or two.  They ended up in row 8 on the stage runway and had an unobstructed "front row" view.

To say he was happy would be an understatement.....

I got a ticket at the door so I enjoyed the concert immensely but my highlight was seeing my plaid clad skinny boy racing up the aisle at intermission and throwing his arms around me and giving me a big kiss....he was just a very very happy camper and my heart was very very grateful.

After a brief night David and I were off to the ferry as he is off to Strathcona for a week of outdoor education.... He is growing up so fast.  He has made a great choice for his schooling for next year as he continues to challenge himself.

Not all parenting is easy, not all of it is fun but watching these two grow up into lovely humans who I enjoy spending time with is a priceless gift.

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