Thursday, April 30, 2015


There have been no end of frustrations in this day.

1.  To the person driving erratically in front of me, all over the road, and then who finally blew the red light almost killing are lucky I only got the first three numbers of your license.

2,  To the wait listed parent who, having been offered at least two spaces she declined, saw fit to take off on me, level ridiculous accusations and demand her $25 back after 5 years..... the children are happy to give it back to you lady and I am happy you declined our offers.

3. To the flappy chicken lady who haunts me at Jazz.....I am sorry you have a hearing problem and seem unable to take any direction at all  and fling your weights around like an octopus on speed....I also think rhythmic gymnastics might be more your "thing"....Let me get you their number,

4.  To all Richmond Drivers......for the love of God use your signals.....a simple click of the lever and we won't all have to guess which direction you might be wishing to turn.

5.  Starbucks - we have had this talk...... why, when I have my own cup....which I give to you, do you make my coffee in a paper cup and pour that into my cup??? The earth, waste, global warming, yadda yadda. ...seriously?

6.  I had to write this email today. I am sure you will find it amusing.  I assure you I was not amused.

I think I have made my point and I am sure you agree that the glass of wine I am currently consuming is wholly justified.

But as I simmered away in my head today, as the steam threatened to come out of my ears FOR REAL...... I decided to employ the growing philosophy of gratitude as the antidote to all things.

Well almost all things..... there is no help for the flappy chicken.

So I made a list in my head (while trying to not look at flappy chicken lady) of things that I was grateful for today:

1.  I did not die in a fiery car wreck.
2.  I got an uncharacteristic hug from someone I care about - it was lovely
3.  It was baking day and I got warm baking delivered to my closet desk.....twice......
4.  The above email made a couple people laugh...hard.
5.   I took the moral highroad instead of being pissy. #maturityforthewin
6.   I managed to connect with all my peeps even on a day of crazy schedules
7.  Tomorrow is Friday

Aaaaand.....perspective regained.


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