Thursday, April 2, 2015


Y'all know how I feel about short weeks right.

They are very tricky.

Especially when it's the Friday that's the holiday.

You're trucking along like its a normal week and BAM it's Thursday afternoon and you realise you're not back at your desk until Tuesday.

You could panic.

You could say a bad word.

You could pack up a heap of work that you might have accomplished on a working Friday to do at home on the long weekend when your family is otherwise occupied.


You could take a deep breath and walk away.

I know you can't imagine what I did at 4pm today?

I mostly walked away. I have only had 4 work calls this evening ! 

Ai of our Centres is getting a renovation this weekend and, somewhat predictably, we had a couple issues tonight. 

Other than monitoring the reno and some other relatively minor things I am a free bird! 

And I have big plans for my freedom! 

Starting tomorrow with a breakfast date with my honey before a stroll through Granville Island, helping friends move couches, a dinner party. Then sausage making and a BBQ on Saturday. Easter church and a George Ezra concert on Sunday and soup making on Monday.....  

Before another tricky week rolls around. 

Lucky I didn't bring too much work home I guess!

Have a wonderful Easter Friends! He is Risen.

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