Sunday, April 19, 2015

Power washing

I spent some time power washing our concrete patio on Saturday.

A winters worth of green gunk blasted away by the concentrated water spray, one strip at a time.

It is noisy, messy work but once done...very rewarding to see the concrete clean light again.

In the hour or two I spent I had this thought.....

My heart gets covered in green gunk...... the gunk of judgement and self-doubt and pride and shame and a myriad other less-than thoughts and attitudes.... sometime the gunk just creeps in and suddenly there a few layers of it covering a good part of my heart....covering me....I experience this as a feeling of discomfort, of being in discord with myself or feeling my head and heart are not aligned, my life a little out of balance.

But let me tell you that applying a power-washer to a part of your body hurts....I inadvertently sprayed my foot yesterday and it hurt...a lot.... so de-gunking ones heart could be painful....and take more than one pass of the power washer.

Who needs that?

Except of course I do....I want to de-gunk, to be fully functional, authentically living out the life I am given, doing what I should be doing, loving freely as I have been loved.

In my world that is called Grace.

And as I stood, soaking wet and muddy in my backyard I de-gunked not only my patio but my heart as well.

It is well with my soul.

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