Friday, February 13, 2015


I have superheros for friends.  

They aren't imaginary.

They are very real women.  

Women doing normal everyday things with profound bravery in the face of some pretty BIG "stuff".


I count myself lucky to witness these women. They are not swooping from buildings to save people, are not glorified on billboards or in movies but they are women who woke up this morning and put their two feet on the ground and lifted their heads and took on this day.   

You might not spot them in a grocery store line up, they don't wear their capes, but never doubt they are around you.  

Everyone of them is my hero.

The one who faces every day sober and is fighting to reclaim herself, every inch of herself, from demons of the past.  Her relentless determination to live fully herself and fully live through the pain into joy and wholeness and connectedness.

The one whose body is frail, who fought hard from illness to health and now stands poised to battle again...too soon...and with such abiding grace and faith and intelligence....concerned more for others than herself.

The one who believed in her dreams and made them happen....focused, determined....and sometimes very tired.  Such passionate pursuit of a dream, a dream that fills her up and benefits hundreds of others....the sacrifice is no small thing.

The one who is far away from her family and friends and is the very best Mom and Wife, who asks so little of this world and gives so much love and commitment to her friends and family... one of the people who I love who is so authentically herself.

The one who is passionately advocating for what her child needs to be his best self....dedicated hours of research and seeking answers and trying new things ...grieving for the losses, celebrating the triumphs...fiercely and gently determined, a gifted mother.

The one whose career took a sharp and unexpected turn, years of work and building in her job....gone in a day. Determined to take the time to process and regroup and continue on in something new, something right.

The one grieving for what she has left behind and remaining strong for her family as they figure out a new place and a new way...her gracious strength and intentionality in just taking each next step the best way she can.

And my other friends parenting, working on their marriages, working long hours, figuring out transitions expected and unexpected, nursing sick kids, caring for their parents, negotiating extended families, making big business deals, standing for justice, rocking babies, serving, loving..... Showing up.

Showing up for this life we were each given.  

Doing remarkable and extraordinary ordinary things every day.

I love Supershero friends.....each and every one of you, for in truth, that is all of you.

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